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The Easy-to-Use Solution Helps Owner-Operators Prevent Errors And Violations 

Rory, owner of ROR CORPS LLC, hated using paper logs. They were hard to keep neat and it was easy to make mistakes. As a result, his logs were often messy and difficult for DOT officers to read during inspections, which led to frustrating fines and violations. With the upcoming ELD mandate, Rory also had to worry about finding a solution that would keep him compliant without being too difficult to use.

Complete the form to download this case study and see how easy it was for ROR CORPS LLC to get up and running with BigRoad's DashLink ELD and achieve ELD mandate compliance. 

ROR CORPS LLC was able to:

  • Improve operations with less time spent on compliance
  • Produce error-free logs resulting in fewer violations
  • Get on track to ELD mandate compliance